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Movin’ On Up! November 18, 2011

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We are moving right along here at the Thomas home 🙂 We are now residents and I am so excited to be in. It really seems like there is more time to get stuff accomplished because we are always here now! In fact, Mary and I are taking turns painting the pantry as we speak–its her turn right now, so I decided I would do a quick update. heehee 🙂

Mary has been over the last couple days and has borrowed a steamer and gotten all the wallpaper off in the entry hallway and the formal dining room. Woohoo!

We have somewhat organized our lives that is packed up into 100 boxes and I am slowly but surely sorting through them. I am unpacking my kitchen but it is a mess, and it is even more frustrating knowing that we will have to unpack it all in the next month or so in order to re-finish the cabinets. I am not looking forward to that, but will enjoy my kitchen in the meantime. I also know that when our kitchen is being re-done and I move BACK into my kitchen, I will be the happiest little cook ever. I mean, who wouldnt be happy with a new kitchen!?!?!?

I attached a few pictures of our bedroom. We did our best to make it somewhat of a safe haven. We have our tv and couch in there as well as our bed. And until the living room is complete, it will stay like that. This will avoid all wife meltdowns. You see, I am a neat freak and this whole house renovation, while it is fun, will drive a organized nazi crazy. This way, instead of having a mental breakdown, I can simply walk to our master bedroom/one-bedroom apartment and all is well again in the world. 🙂 Its as simple as that!

OH! I almost forgot! Trent has decided that he, too, would like to contribute to the blog. He has decided that he would like to post a “tool of the week.” I am so stinkin’ excited about this! As of right now, he is sleeping, so I dont think he will begin contributing with this post, but he should post this week’s tool of the week sometime this weekend—and let me tell you, he has picked a great one! A life-saving one, at that. Because it helped accomplish a task that trent was about to strangle someone over-that might have been me. :O

Anyways….Enjoy the pictures! We are having so much fun!


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