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If there were only more hours in the day… November 13, 2011

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Well we have been so hard at work on this house, ripping up carpet, painting, replacing baseboards, etc. Trent and I had anticipated getting into the house much quicker, but there have been several set backs.
We had a family death the second week into it, and of course, with family coming in, we didn’t spend as much time on the house as we would have liked. Family time was great though.
Last week, Trent came down with a stomach bug of some kind, so that set us back almost 4 days. Tonight SHOULD be our first night in the house (fingers crossed). Trent and his dad are over there now, having man time and using power tools.
Trent’s friend Will came down from Stillwater for a weekend and helped Trent get caught up, though, and they had a lot of fun. I told him he could back ANY time he would like 🙂 What a great friend!
Trent’s mom, Mary, has been an absolute blessing. I work full-time worker and student, so my days are already really full. Mary has been over there so much, scrubbing, painting and doing absolutely anything to help us get into that house.
Regardless, the master bedroom is finished, with the exception of the finishing touches that I will ad pretty soon.
I havent gotten any pictures of the bedroom with all the furniture and everything in there, but I will add that tomorrow 🙂

For now, though…here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks of the whole process! Enjoy!


2 Responses to “If there were only more hours in the day…”

  1. Kauleen Says:

    Sam, did you do any work or just take pictures?:)

  2. Mary Says:

    Hi Sam! – love the blog & pics!! – & I’m having such fun helping out!

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