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Hello World! October 31, 2011

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Hello All! 🙂

Trent and I bought our first home last Friday and are so excited to get started working on it. It is in desperate need of some love and we are so ready to get our hands dirty and begin turning this house into a home.

I am a little late in starting this blog, because, quite frankly I had no idea how many people would be interested in knowing what our boring selves were up to. But after only having this house for a week, I was so surprised at the amount of questions and words of encouragement we had. So I decided to start one so all of our family and friends can always know what we are up to!

Trent has already started a few projects, but luckily I got in the first weekend we owned it and snapped some “before” pictures before we had touched it. We have already had help from a several people (ahem, Mom and Dad Thomas, Randy and Bev Baskins and several others) and I have no doubt that by the time this is all over and done with, the entire city of Owasso will have helped out in some way or another. So thank you in advance, for all of those who will be helping us 🙂 In all honesty, we have no idea what we are doing but are so eager to learn!

Enjoy the “before” pictures!


2 Responses to “Hello World!”

  1. DD Lindsey Says:

    It’s going to be beautiful…so much potential…Congratulations! And looking forward to watching the progress on your new blog 🙂

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