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Lovin’ Every Minute of It November 22, 2011

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Life at the Thomas home has quieted down a bit. I dare not say it is boring though. I dropped my earring down the sink and have begged Trent to get it out for me for about 4 days now. In all honesty, I looked through all of my earrings and could not figure out for the life of me which earring fell to its death, but I just knew I had knocked one in. I have not used my sink since that tragic morning and in the meantime have made it as inconvenient as possible for Trent to use his sink so that he would know how important it was for him to get that darn earring out of the drain. I thought this might expedite the process, but its been 4 days and he is just now getting to it…..

Regardless, he saved my little earring and I’m not sure that I will ever wear it again…It was a little silver stud and it is corroded from being in the drain for 4 days….figures. Enough about my poor earring though!

Trent is also switching out the light above my sink as we speak! The light bulb went out yesterday and I think he saw this as a perfect opportunity to update the lighting. As to not annoy him anymore tonight, I will just wait and get pictures later instead of getting action shots of my Manly Handyman Husband switching out light fixtures. 🙂

We have a new resident at the Thomas home. His name is Greg, and he is my beloved cat. Now hold on, all you cat haters…Greg is really a dog trapped inside a cat’s body–God love him. He begs at the table, comes when called and even plays fetch! I like cats OK, but Greg…..I love. I’m definitely more of a dog person. He has been staying at my parents’ house until we got things a bit more settled. I am just so glad to have him back! I have attached a picture so you can see him. He is so stinkin’ cute

Trent’s Grandpa replaced all the shelves in our pantry for us. We painted them and got them in this week, so I finally have my food organized! No door, but hey, I’m not complaining. My pantry is no longer on my counter! Trent also decided to take the ugly light fixture down from our kitchen. It was an automatic opener to the room. It feels so much bigger without it.

Last but certainly not least on the home renovation update….I GOT NEW KITCHEN APPLIANCES!!! Just in time for Thanksgiving! Friday afternoon we went to Hahn Appliances, where, by the way, they are having a ginormous early Black Friday sale. We got a new vent hood, built-in microwave, stove top, and oven and the nicest man came out and installed them on Saturday.They are so beautiful. I cannot wait to break them in this week. I have a few pictures of them, too. We are having a few issues with the stove top, though. The lady who owned the house before us never had an outlet installed to plug the stove top into…she just lit the gas herself every time. Seeing as this house is being renovated to sell, I don’t think we have that same option. For now, until we get an electrician out here, an extension cord will have to do. Also, the stove top hangs down much lower than the previous one. This makes it hard for the top drawers to fit–what a pain! We will have those drawers shaved down sometime this week or next so that we can finish putting the cabinets together.

The house will be put on hold this week for Thanksgiving. What a great time to enjoy friends and family! We are headed down to Trent’s Dad’s cabin for part of the week and then will be back for a grand Thanksgiving feast on Saturday. What are your plans? Whatever they are, be sure to pack on the pounds, have fun and cherish the time with your family. Happy Thanksgiving, all!


Movin’ On Up! November 18, 2011

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We are moving right along here at the Thomas home 🙂 We are now residents and I am so excited to be in. It really seems like there is more time to get stuff accomplished because we are always here now! In fact, Mary and I are taking turns painting the pantry as we speak–its her turn right now, so I decided I would do a quick update. heehee 🙂

Mary has been over the last couple days and has borrowed a steamer and gotten all the wallpaper off in the entry hallway and the formal dining room. Woohoo!

We have somewhat organized our lives that is packed up into 100 boxes and I am slowly but surely sorting through them. I am unpacking my kitchen but it is a mess, and it is even more frustrating knowing that we will have to unpack it all in the next month or so in order to re-finish the cabinets. I am not looking forward to that, but will enjoy my kitchen in the meantime. I also know that when our kitchen is being re-done and I move BACK into my kitchen, I will be the happiest little cook ever. I mean, who wouldnt be happy with a new kitchen!?!?!?

I attached a few pictures of our bedroom. We did our best to make it somewhat of a safe haven. We have our tv and couch in there as well as our bed. And until the living room is complete, it will stay like that. This will avoid all wife meltdowns. You see, I am a neat freak and this whole house renovation, while it is fun, will drive a organized nazi crazy. This way, instead of having a mental breakdown, I can simply walk to our master bedroom/one-bedroom apartment and all is well again in the world. 🙂 Its as simple as that!

OH! I almost forgot! Trent has decided that he, too, would like to contribute to the blog. He has decided that he would like to post a “tool of the week.” I am so stinkin’ excited about this! As of right now, he is sleeping, so I dont think he will begin contributing with this post, but he should post this week’s tool of the week sometime this weekend—and let me tell you, he has picked a great one! A life-saving one, at that. Because it helped accomplish a task that trent was about to strangle someone over-that might have been me. :O

Anyways….Enjoy the pictures! We are having so much fun!


If there were only more hours in the day… November 13, 2011

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Well we have been so hard at work on this house, ripping up carpet, painting, replacing baseboards, etc. Trent and I had anticipated getting into the house much quicker, but there have been several set backs.
We had a family death the second week into it, and of course, with family coming in, we didn’t spend as much time on the house as we would have liked. Family time was great though.
Last week, Trent came down with a stomach bug of some kind, so that set us back almost 4 days. Tonight SHOULD be our first night in the house (fingers crossed). Trent and his dad are over there now, having man time and using power tools.
Trent’s friend Will came down from Stillwater for a weekend and helped Trent get caught up, though, and they had a lot of fun. I told him he could back ANY time he would like 🙂 What a great friend!
Trent’s mom, Mary, has been an absolute blessing. I work full-time worker and student, so my days are already really full. Mary has been over there so much, scrubbing, painting and doing absolutely anything to help us get into that house.
Regardless, the master bedroom is finished, with the exception of the finishing touches that I will ad pretty soon.
I havent gotten any pictures of the bedroom with all the furniture and everything in there, but I will add that tomorrow 🙂

For now, though…here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks of the whole process! Enjoy!


Hello World! October 31, 2011

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Hello All! 🙂

Trent and I bought our first home last Friday and are so excited to get started working on it. It is in desperate need of some love and we are so ready to get our hands dirty and begin turning this house into a home.

I am a little late in starting this blog, because, quite frankly I had no idea how many people would be interested in knowing what our boring selves were up to. But after only having this house for a week, I was so surprised at the amount of questions and words of encouragement we had. So I decided to start one so all of our family and friends can always know what we are up to!

Trent has already started a few projects, but luckily I got in the first weekend we owned it and snapped some “before” pictures before we had touched it. We have already had help from a several people (ahem, Mom and Dad Thomas, Randy and Bev Baskins and several others) and I have no doubt that by the time this is all over and done with, the entire city of Owasso will have helped out in some way or another. So thank you in advance, for all of those who will be helping us 🙂 In all honesty, we have no idea what we are doing but are so eager to learn!

Enjoy the “before” pictures!